Shocking Pink!

Do you want to make a statement at Prom?! You need this color! Shocking Pink!P.S. My favorite dress this season!

Green with envy!

Leopard is our favorite color!

Leopard is our favorite color!Bon Bon’s Candy HouseJWeterPhotography

PROM 2020

J. Weter Photography

PROM 2020 Bon Bon’s Candy HouseJWeterPhotography

little fun after a photoshoot!

Our awesome consultants having a little fun after a photoshoot! They gals are the best!! 

It’s PROM season

It’s PROM season and we are ready with the prettiest gowns!!!!

PROM 2020!

PROM 2020!

We’re ready for you Prom season!!!

All new PROM just arrived!!!!