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Lovely Prom Dresses!

Check out these lovely prom dresses! Similar yet, unique in their own ways! Loving the cool colors next to eachother, you and your friends would look stunning in these prom dresses!

Drop dead gorgeous

Look at these gorgeous prom dresses! Black is always stunning plus those lace sleeves and a pop of color will really make your look drop dead gorgeous!

It’s Prom Season!

It’s Prom season! Come in to check out our selection of prom dresses! We have a variety of dresses for you to find your perfect dress!

Metallic Obsessed

We are metallic obsessed!!! Look at these beautiful metallic dresses! They would look stunning on your for your prom dress!

New shirts for prom kickoff!

We are ready to SPARKLE and SHINE for PROM 2019!!!! Our new shirts arrived today just in time for our big PROM KICKOFF Dec 26th-Dec 29th!! Discounts on ALL NEW PROM!!!

Prom 2019

PROM 2019 is starting to arrive!!! We are obsessed with all of the details this season!